Ideas are the basis of my subject matter.  Subject matter enters, not as something to be represented, but as an instrument for conveying an idea. It is the manner of presentation which creates the excitement of a painting and is the reason for its existence. It is something discovered in the act of painting, it reveals itself in the search for form.

An unfamiliar alphabet provokes the imagination to new solutions. A fan encountered in a Japanese novel, by its very simple shape, demands and finds more possibilities than one could think of without a brush in hand. A gate may invite or restrain by using multilayered activity.

The interplay of opposites- abstraction with representation, organic with geometric, floating forms against those which
are static, as well as the use of color that moves around the canvas, are some of the tools used to determine the formal expression of the original idea.

I am always searching for an expressive form for my idea.

RIGHT: Red Lily Gate
Acrylic on canvas, 46.5" x 48"
2000 Eleanor Himmelfarb